Arno Graufreude AKA Nasses Haar (Initiate of Manann)

Fanatical Initiate of Manaan


Arno Graufreude is the youngest son of a the Burgher of Neuses Emskrank on the coast of the Sea of Claws. Arno spent his youth drinking and womanising, becoming the joke of the town and an embarrassment to his father. 1 night when out drinking with friends in the old town, he couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way home so broke into the old Temple of Manaan and fell asleep on the altar. The next morning he was rudely awoken by 2 initiates and a fight broke out when he urinated in the font. During the fight 1 of the initates grabbed an old spear off of the wall and during the drunken scuffle was accidentally stabbed. His father managed to get the manslaughter charges dropped and banished his wayward son to stay with his great uncle in Averheim. His great uncle was old, strict and boring and rationed his allowance, even setting him a curfew, and so Arno barely returned to his great uncle’s mansion, instead he went his days moving from drinking den to gambling house running up huge debts. Gradually the standard of drinking establishment got worse and worse as his money ran out and he ended up owing money to a racketeer named Frederick Grosz. He promised to pay him back but in the end Grosz got fed up waiting and 1 night while a terrible storm was raging, Grosz’s men dragged Arno out of the inn, took him down river, weighted his ankles and threw him overboard and down a raging waterfall. Fortunately, Manaan had other plans for him as the weights came off and he floated down river. Help came in the shape of a local fisherman, Jurgen Klinski, who pulled him in with his early morning catch. When he awoke in the fisherman’s hut the first thing he saw in the room was a small shrine to Manaan and with that vision Arno swore to become a devout Manaanan and was reborn as Nasses Haar.

He has spent the last few months praying to Manaan and recovering with the fisherman’s family near the docks of Averheim. He now lives on an abandoned boat that had crashed into 1 of the support pillars of the Griffin Bridge. He has become a fervent and fiery preacher and his nickname "Nasses Haar’ (wet hair) has stuck. Gone are his chiselled looks, trimmed facial hair and long sleek pony tail. He is now dirty and bedraggled, with a tangled scruffy beard, matted hair with reeds (and the odd fish) and mud sticking out and a tatty, woollen robe, held together by ann old fisherman’s rope. He only drinks river water and eats what the river provides. Nasses is now filled with righteous vigour and passion, verging on anger, and his preachings have became renowned in the docks where he stands outside inns on a lobster pot screaming and bellowing his sermons. Few can hold his gaze for long when discussing theology, such is his force of will. For all his eccentricity the fisherman revere him, seeing him as a lucky charm as since his arrival their daily hauls have increased. Every morning they now come to him for Manaan’s blessing before sailing out and his reputation is spreading, as are the followers of Mannaan.

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Arno Graufreude AKA Nasses Haar (Initiate of Manann)

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