Khasar (Steppe Nomad)

Kislevite Steppes nomad - Scout


It was Khasar’s first call up to the rota. At 17 he was young but was a good scout and as the eldest son was mature for his years. Although born near Iaryn, growing up on the Steppes of Northern Kislev was a hard life, as they lived in the saddle, always on the move. Initially they were to be sent to the Battle of Ursun’s Teeth as reinforcements but enroute their orders changed and they had to escort an envoy taking important dispatches to Averheim. They were only due to escort them as far as the border of the Empire but the delegation was attacked enroute by northmen and decimated. Khasar survived only because his horse was hit and fell on him. When he awoke he wandered among the detritus of the ambush and came upon the Tzarina’s envoy still breathing. His cracked skull was an obvious indicator that he wouldn’t survive much longer but Khasar gave him some water and the envoy pressed a small bundle into his hand telling him in ragged breaths how important it was that these dispatches reached Averheim. Khasar gathered what supplies he could, several quivers of arrows, rounded up a horse and set off in the direction of the Empire…

Khasar is short and slim with muscular thighs from controlling his horse and a strong upper body from years of firing his bow. He has grown up in the saddle and can control his horse without the use of his hands, enabling him to ride and fire his bow without thinking. He is so practiced at this that he knows the precise moment when the horses movements wont spoil his aim. He has long black hair and a wispy moustache and the beginnings of a beard. He has weather-beaten golden skin and dark slitted eyes that constantly scan the horizon. When not mounted he walks bow-legged.

Khasar is not used to urban areas, towns and cities having spent his life growing up in the wilderness, living in large felt tents and constantly on the move. He is filled with as sense of wonderment and unease but maintains the Ungol ‘Cold Face’ – a stern, blank expression that is all but impossible to read.

Khasar face

Khasar (Steppe Nomad)

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