Der Feind Innen

Shadows Over Averheim
Marktag, 25th Sigmarzeit, Imperial Year 2521

Averheim shadows

Welcome to Averheim!

The death of Count Marius Leitdorf at the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass two years ago, has left Averland without an Elector, and Averheim as an unsettled city. The nobles squabble over the succession, struggling to ally themselves with the eventual winner or delay the resolution for as long as possible. The city bureaucrats and officials stagnate and, with no clear leadership, drift into political graft and corruption.

But the tension and scheming is not just reserved for Averheim’s nobility and upper classes.
The city’s criminal underworld is in upheaval too. A new criminal boss, known only as “the man in the black hood” or sometimes the more fanciful “the Black Cowl”, has been seizing power. Those foolish enough to oppose him are turning up dead.
Burglaries and smuggling are at an all-time high, but most disturbingly, banditry on the roads outside Averheim is growing rife.
Ambush small

In short, Averheim is a city under shadow…

A young woman runs desperately through the dark and rain drenched maze of streets, a small dog following at her heels.
The night is cold and black, rain cascades down from the overhanging rooftops.
Pursuing her are three nefarious looking men.
Two other men move from the shadows ahead of her and she becomes trapped in a narrow alley way.
The men are members of the Chains, a dockside gang that doesnt normally operate on this turf.
The young woman tries to win them over with a smile, and explains that she’s already paid her tithe to Keller this week.
The men laugh and tell her that Klaus isn’t in charge any more. The Black Cowl is running the show now, and he needs to get paid. The woman pleads that she doesn’t have any more money. The men suggest that there are other ways that she can pay her ‘due’, and advance towards her with evil intent, her small dog growling and barking defensively all the while.
As the fates would have it though, a newcomer to the city, a messenger from the far northern lands of Kislev, happens to lead his horse past the alley entrance at just that moment. He is lost, and is looking for the way to the Plenzerplatz.

Khasar approaches the group and asks, in broken Reikspiel, for directions. “Plen-zer-platz?”
Chains hurl abuse at the ‘dirty foreigner’
Aisha acrobatic leap over distracted assailants and flees
Khasar riding in cramped alleys to escape, catches up with Aisha
Chains pursue and close in
Aisha tips over barrel cart to slow pursuers
Khasar pulls aisha onto horse
Aisha calms dog (Ratte Tod) so horse (Djin) is not spooked.
Aisha leads Khasar to her neighbourhood in the docks (not to the Plenzerplatz)
Stay at the White Horse (“Knackered Horse”)
Meet the landlord (he has taken Aisha under his wing)

Backertag, 26th Sigmarzite
Aisha surprises Khasar by sneaking into his room
Aisha takes Khasar on tour of docks
Meet Ute the Busker and see Mathilda Durbein the Fence
Meet Olga Klinski and learn of her husband’s disappearance (see Pamphlet Item). aisha donates some money to aide her plight.
Meet Priest of Manann (Nasses) – he produces fish from his beard, and a shilling from the fish which he gives to Olga!
Become embroiled in docker gang punch-up by the Griffon Bridge! (Why is ‘Rolf’ the cause of the fight?)

…to be continued…

Pip and Fritz caught up in fight.
Khasar tries to avoid fight by talking the dockers down.
Pip narrowly avoids kick to face. Cuts the docker’s purse while he’s rolling in agony.
A docker self immolates. Nasses states ’that’s another one’.
Fritz staels Khasar’s messages
Pip offers to inform where Fritz resides in return for help on a ‘job’.
Amber Wizard seen investigating immolation site.
That night, Khasar and Aesha unwittingly steal cart of ale as per Pip’s instructions.
Meet pip who directs them to the Averburg fortress! Pip has ensured that the only guard on gate duty is bribed.
Inside the palace grounds they unload the ale into the garrison stores.
Pip identifies some secretly marked barrels in the store that should be empty. They’re full of a grain like substance from the sound of it.
Pip gets the others to load those barrels on to the cart.
While loading cart, Commander Baerfaust returns. He questions Khasar and Aesha. He thinks he recognises Aesha (he arrested her in the past) but she uses her guile to convince him otherwise (for now).
Leave the Averburg with the stolen barrels.
Accosted by the Black Cowl’s Enforcer’s and his armed men. Grosz has stitched them up!!


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